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Company Profile

The agency was founded in 2001 to achieve the lofty goals of the march of tourism and the example of a new trend characterized differently in the field of travel and tourism character. The Agency has obtained the IATA certification in 2004. We have experience spanning more than 20 years in the travel and tourism business.

Our vision

To be the travel agencies and tourism summit in Sudan through the provision of quality services in the field of Hajj and Umrah Travel and Tourism at affordable prices and work to customer convenience.

Agency's achievements

  1. The agency arranging treatment programs in the village of Safaga in Egypt with Al-Amal Association, which concerned the treatment of psoriasis patients.
  2. Order therapy procedures in Jordan for a large number of patients to contract with Specialist Hospital and the Royal Hospital in Jordan.
  3. Order and the work of a cure for some cases in Thailand.
  4. Has been arranged praise God for treatment with the largest Alm_i_viac (Tunisia - I would be surprised).
  1. The agency organizes tourist leisure trip to Addis Ababa under the auspices of the Minister of Culture, Information and Tourism.
  2. Agency organized a number of tourism programs in each of the (Egypt and Malaysia).
  1.  Agency has organized several academic programs in Malaysia for groups of medicine, engineering, school laboratories (Sudan University of Science and Technology - University of Khartoum - Maumoon benign University).
  2.  A program for university study and university benchtop and English language courses in Malaysia and Ukraine has followed the work of the Agency for acceptance and travel many students collectors and graduate students procedures .
  1. Dubai's annual educational exhibition.
  2. Accompanying the meeting of the Arab Organization for Tourism Fair (Hilton Hotel).
  3. First Tourism Fair (Road Fairgrounds).
  4. Associated with the Forum of Niles tourism exhibition organized by Dar Al Iman Marketing and Services Company Limited (Diplomatic Club "Club Foreign MARD).
  5. Exhibition at the Friendship Hall, organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife under the auspices of the Minister of Tourism and Wildlife.
  6. Some foreign exhibitions and which was attended by Director-General.
  7. Agency pavilion at the exhibition now in Khartoum (Khartoum International Fair - Berri)

Our Clients:

It includes all areas of their services steadily in (the ticket - curative health - assistance in obtaining visas - arranging vacations Services - Hajj - Umrah) meaning all its logistical and these parties are: -

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